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Sutterfaction Podcast ~ practical philosophy to live well in the modern world.

Evan Sutter, author, speaker, activist, and social entrepreneur blends the wisdom from great philosophers, thinkers, writers, and doers with practical psychology, storytelling, and his own unique experiences to plant seeds for thought and discussion.

Sutterfaction plays at the intersections of philosophy, psychology, society and culture, ethics, human flourishing, politics, business, happiness, meaning + purpose, and the good life.

More than anything else it is about sucking the marrow out of life - living a full, interesting, examined, life. Being fully alive, while you are alive.

Thought-provoking, punchy, unique, full of wisdom and value, and incredibly easy to listen to.

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Recastable Episodes (16)

1. EP. 1 - - How To Enjoy Loneliness, Play in Boredom & Thrive in Uncertainty: The Grasper, The Runner & The Ten-Chi Master Sept. 21, 2020
2. EP. 2 -- How The Great Explorers Conquer Themselves First: The Traveller, The Sandcastle & The Influencer Sept. 29, 2020
3. EP.3 - - A Brief History Of Happiness and How It Can Make You Happier: The Seeker & The Controller Oct. 8, 2020
4. EP. 4 - - Is Being Hopeful And Positive The Best Way To Live A Life? The Dreamer, The Thinker & The Doer Oct. 19, 2020
5. EP. 5 - - The Art of Living a Good Life: The Explorer and the Peaceful Fool Nov. 27, 2020
6. EP. 6 - - A Guided Meditation on Befriending the Moment Nov. 27, 2020
7. EP. 7 - - The Business of Happiness: Is Business The Key To Making The World A Happier Place? Dec. 4, 2020
8. EP. 8 - - Is The Modern World Killing Off Our Wise Elders? And What We Can All Do About It Before It’s Too Late! June 24, 2021
9. EP. 9 - - The Most Radical Thing You Can Do To Enrich Your Life (and Possibly Save Humanity at the Same Time) July 7, 2021
10. EP.10 - - Life is Hard: Here's Some Simple Ways You Can Make It Harder, And Some Simple Ways You Can Make It Easier Aug. 30, 2021
11. EP. 11 - - Mental Health & The Modern World: Is Social Media Making Our Lives Unnecessarily Difficult? Sept. 23, 2021
12. EP.12 - - Life can be stressful: Here are 3 Simple Skills to Boost Your Wellbeing and Aliveness Nov. 26, 2021
13. EP.13 - - How to Explore Life Like a Real Adventurer and Find Happiness on the Way Nov. 27, 2021
14. EP.14 - - Know Yourself or Suffer: The Greek Philosophers said ‘Know Thyself’ is the most Important Teaching. And It is More Important Today Than Ever Before. Dec. 2, 2021
15. EP. 15 - - How To Find Meaning and Purpose In A Crazy World That Makes Us Doubt If It Is Even Worth Pursuing at all Dec. 10, 2021
16. EP.16 - - Do We Have A Mental Health and Climate Crisis? Or Do We Have A Values Crisis? Dec. 22, 2021