A Recast of ‘Fiasco’

From the co-creators of Slow BurnFiasco is a narrative podcast that transports listeners into the day-to-day reality of America‚Äôs most pivotal historical events. 

Using original interviews with dozens of key players, host Leon Neyfakh brings to life the forgotten twists and turns of the past while shedding light on the present day. The new season of Fiasco goes deep on the AIDS epidemic in America, with a special focus on the early years of the crisis, when a diagnosis was tantamount to a death sentence. The eight-part series looks at the mystery and missteps around identifying and treating a new, contagious disease, and what it took to get the public - and the government - to care.

The complete 8-episode season of Fiasco: The AIDS Crisis is available on Audible at audible.com/fiascoeps.

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Recastable Episodes (14)

1. Introducing Fiasco: Bush v. Gore Oct. 6, 2020
2. Episode 1: Homestead Oct. 14, 2020
3. Episode 2: Real Numbers Oct. 14, 2020
4. Episode 3: Ballot With Butterfly Wings Oct. 20, 2020
5. Episode 4: Spin-Off Oct. 22, 2020
6. Episode 5: Contingencies Oct. 27, 2020
7. Episode 6: No Precedent Oct. 29, 2020
8. Introducing: Unsolved Mysteries Feb. 24, 2021
9. Introducing Season 4, Fiasco: Benghazi June 9, 2021
10. Season 4, Benghazi -- Episode 1: The Dictator June 18, 2021
11. Introducing Fiasco: The AIDS Crisis March 4, 2022
12. Episode 1: Gay Plague June 30, 2022
13. Episode 2: How to Have Sex in an Epidemic June 30, 2022
14. Episode 3: The Baths June 30, 2022