A Recast of ‘Fiasco: Bush v. Gore’

Host Leon Neyfakh transports listeners into the day-to-day reality of our country’s most pivotal historical events, bringing to life the forgotten twists and turns of the past while shedding light on the present. Fiasco season 1 takes listeners to the contested 2000 election between Al Gore and George W. Bush, and the extraordinary legal battle that unfolded in Florida. Fiasco is a Luminary original. To hear all the other seasons of Fiasco, subscribe to Luminary on Apple Podcasts. Or visit luminarypodcasts.com.

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Recastable Episodes (10)

1. Fiasco season one: Bush v. Gore Oct. 6, 2020
2. Ep 1: Homestead Oct. 14, 2020
3. Ep 2: Real Numbers Oct. 14, 2020
4. Ep 3: Ballot With Butterfly Wings Oct. 20, 2020
5. Ep 4: Spin-Off Oct. 22, 2020
6. Ep 5: Contingencies Oct. 27, 2020
7. Ep 6: No Precedent Oct. 29, 2020
8. Introducing: Unsolved Mysteries Feb. 24, 2021
9. Introducing Season 4, Fiasco: Benghazi June 9, 2021
10. Season 4, Benghazi -- Episode 1: The Dictator June 18, 2021